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How To Start Content Creation That Helps You To Kick Start Your Digital Journey

Are you stuck on how to create content? You don’t know where to start your digital journey? What type of content do I need to create? What are the different types of content creation in this digital world?

If have any questions related to starting a digital career as a content creator this article is for you. In this article, you will get answers to all the questions to kick start your digital journey.

To clarify Before going to do anything about content creation in the digital world you need to decide on a niche that you want to create content. In addition to your identity in this digital world.

You might have a question in your head that why should I do the content creation around the one “Niche”?

There is a reason that you need to select a niche. let’s dive into it.

If your creating content on random topics you won’t get any followers or attention because you’re creating confusion in the market.

Time goes on there will be no one to care about you. That is the reason you should be into one niche that builds your identity.

When you do all the creation around one niche people will start getting noticing you and some of them will become followers of you.

By then with your followers, you can make some income by creating a mentorship program around your niche.

Here where you got another question what is a niche? How to select the niche?

Niche Selection

First, take a piece of paper. Then make a list of the topics that you’re passionate about. Then make another list of the top 3 topics that you reading, learning, and passionate about for the past 3-5 years.

But still, you don’t have any clue then follow these steps that may help. Call friends, family, co-workers, and boss (anyone) and ask them where you are good at and make a list.

Then audit those niches with the above diagram. Like if you have talent in anything and your passion for it but if there is no market it is not a good niche.

If You are passionate about the niche you selected and there is a market for that. But you don’t have any talent in that niche it is also not good for you.

You have talent, passion, and a market that is your niche you need to work on that makes you wealthy.

You have passion and a market but you have some talent then also you can go for it. Because you can learn by doing, apply the methods yourself, and teach people with your results.

I think you find your niche. If don’t take some time to find it out there is no rush in this. Even for me also, it takes 5 days to find the niche.

If you find your niche then we should find what type of customer or consumer for your creating content.

Creating Our Customer Avatar

customer avatar sample image

Now based on the understanding of your niche then create a fictional customer avatar. You can do a small survey and send it to people via direct messages our-reach.

Your customer avatar will be more accurate if you ask more people to fill the form. There are no strict rules when it comes to the kind of questions you can ask them.

The more you ask, the better. Create a form and get at least 2 entries to create your customer avatar. Then there is an idea for you that what set of audiences for you creating content.

Now you have a niche and a customer avatar that make you create content. Let’s dive into content creation.

How To Start Content Creation? – “Video Version”

Before diving into anything I made a video on youtube that content creation made easy. That is the first video I ever made in my life. I made that video in a single short but not that perfect as a video creator out there in the market. But give your feedback on the video.

Now Text Version Of “How To Start Content Creation?”

Set Your Content Goal

content creation end goal setting

You need to decide your end goal for the content that you create in any type of format.

The goal must be specific that they should do any of these things. By start following you, sign in to your newsletter, download your lead magnet, subscribe to your channel, sign up for your program, booking the one-on-one (1 on 1) consultation call, and make a tweet about your content.

If you don’t have any end goal on the content you create eventually you lose the desire or motivation to create content further. So, set a goal before you create any type or format of content.

Research And Understating Audiences

Research And Understating Audiences

After setting up the end goal for your content. Then you just need to do research on your customer engagement style.

You can understand your customer by making them ask you a question and reading their comments that your customer wears writing.

In this research process, you need to do competitor research also. You can do that with the help of google keyword planner, ubersuggest, semrush, etc….

You can research what your ideal audiences are discussing in the forum, quora, reading other articles, and much more.

Brainstorm The Idea

This video will help to on brainstorming the idea.

Create A Out Line

Content creation mind map

Create a content outline for a blog post using a mind map. As shown in the above diagram. There are so many software and web apps available to create a mind map that helps you to create an outline for your content.

Tools for creating Mind Maps

1Mindmeister OnlineYesYes
5SimpleMindFree Edition only for iOs and AndroidYes(Paid)Yes(Paid)

Coggle is the tool I am using right now.

Decide Which Format of Content You Want to Produce

There are four types of formats

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video


To create content in the text format. Then you can create a blog website, do Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media which allow you do it in the text format.

(In my further articles I will explain to you how to start a blog.)


In an image, you can create an infographic for Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media. 


Audio format content is called a podcast. So, you lesion the podcast in Spotify, iTunes, and much more apps.

This going to be another big part of our life because technology changing people don’t have time so, relying on a voice assistant to make things work as a result audio content will also raise.


Video is a large part of this planet for example youtube.

So, now the world is thinking that video marketing is the next big thing.

Before production to anything, you need to decide what format of content you want to create.

(this is for only beginners. If you think you are a pro then go for all formats of content creation.)

Craft a Compelling Headline

Creating a headline is one of the most important parts of the content creation journey. If the headline you created is not good and attractive then you won’t get any readers or traffic to your content.

(want to learn more about traffic generation sign up for the newsletter to getting notified for further articles.)

Even your content is so much information without the headline it will become useless. I will give you some tools that help you to generate ideas to create a headline that converts.




Include Actionable Tips

When you’re concluding any topic add some tips and tricks like nowadays we saw that in Instagram reels.


As I said that at the starting of the blog post the end goal of creating content that will apply here. By promoting your newsletter, program, etc…. And promote your content using Facebook ads, google ads to get to reach more people.

Social Media

Share your blog post to your social media then build the traffic to your website.

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My final thoughts on How to create content? Decided your niche then create a customer avatar for your content consumer and product buyer.

Then set your end goal for the content you create. Do research on your ideal customers what they want to read or lesson and create your content and products around their needs.

Do brainstorming the idea to get the most out of it. You can do that by discussing with others, reading other articles, keyword searches to get more ideas for your blog post and content ideas.

Create an outline for your idea by using mind map tools as I mention. Then decided what format of content you want to create.

Write a headline that makes people read the post between adds tips and tricks to the post and finally promote your content by using ads.

Share on social media. I hope This blog was help full for you. If you have anything to tell please do comment down below.

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