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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Networks You Must Join To Make More Commission.

Probably you are looking to find out the best affiliate marketing networks that will help you to monetize your blog or your audiences in an organized way to make some cash flow to your business. Therefore affiliate marketing networks are one of the best ways for monetization to your blog.

The Affiliate Marketing programs or Affiliate Marketing Networks you going to join will help you to monetize your audiences or visitors to your blog. This method of making money has its own pros and cons. 

However here I am going to show you the best Affiliate Marketing programs or Affiliate Marketing Networks that help you to make money even if you are a beginner or already in-game.

Choosing affiliate marketing is the best option even if you are a beginner or already an online business owner. so, this method will help you with cash flow to your business or it might be your main income stream.

consider this blog to get total exposure to several affiliate programs and affiliate marketing networks. This will help you to get some idea of your affiliate journey.

Affiliate marketing is not always about the money some companies give like Credits to use their software. So, here we are going to talk about the money as result I made a list of some affiliate networks and programs that will help you to make more cash flow.

Let’s get started….

  1. ShareASale
  2. ClickBank
  3. Amazon
  4. Impact
  5. CJ
  6. In courses Affiliate 

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate network that acts as a mediator between you and a brand you want to become an affiliate with the brand you like.

Some of the brands are only available in ShareASale like almost 1000 brands. And ShareASale is part of Awin company.

ShareASale is good for both digital and physical products. As an example, the WordPress plugin is a digital product and books are physical products.

You may think that it’s the same as Amazon but there is a difference. ShareASale helps you to connect with different merchandise or brands but in Amazon, you can promote under Amazon products.

ShareASale has a trusted worthy brand only you have to join according to your niche your working.

Cookie:- Dependent on the brand you sign up 

Minimum Payout:- $50

But there is a problem here that the ShareASale interface is not user-friendly it may confuse you.

2. Amazon

Amazon affiliate is the largest affiliate network or platform in the world but Amazon calls it Amazon Associates.

There are lot more differences between amazon and the other affiliate networks in the market.

When compared to amazon’s commission rate to the other affiliate networks or programs commission rates amazon has a low commission rate.

Maximum other brands or affiliate networks I have seen that they give commission to the Advertiser from starting 10% to 75% but here in amazon that is totally different you see in the image.

amazon commission parentage

Cookie:- One Day

Minimum Payout:- $10

You need to signup for every country account of amazon to gain more commission from worldwide.

3. ClickBank

Click Bank an affiliate marketing network

ClickBank is also similar to the other affiliate networks like a lot of digital products and physical products.

Most important Clickbank also has brands you can promote but you can’t find a big brand like fourpresent to promote.

This affiliate network has a lot of digital products like courses, E-book, or membership sites. You will find more digital products in this Affiliate Network.

Above all ClickBank has a high commission range from 10% to 75% products on the other hand ClickBank has a lot of low-quality products so, you may need research to find out a good quality product.

ClickBank made that easy for us to find good quality products by giving the gravity count to the product and also rank to the product.

Most importantly It has a 60days refund policy so if anyone did the refund the commission you made will go away.

Cookie:- usually 60 days, but depends on the brand or Merchandise.

Minimum Payout:- $10

Forget to tell you that ClickBank provides the weekly payout with direct bank transfer or paycheck as your choice.

4. CJ

cj, commission junction an affiliate marketing network

CJ is called a commission junction it same as ShareASale Which connects you lot of different brands.

However, CJ is also one of the biggest affiliate networks in the market it brings a lot of brands to the one roof that will help you to manage your work.

CJ partners with more than 2500+ brands in the world to help us to maintain all the affiliates we promote in one place.

Like a ShareASale, you need to apply to the different brands in the dashboard of the CJ. It has a good affiliate dashboard to manage all the brands you join.

Cookie:- Depends on the brand you signup for.

Minimum Payout:- $50 for direct deposit or $100 for a check.

5. Impact

impact an affiliate marketing network
Source:- marcommnews

The impact is also the same as CJ, ShareASale but when compared to CJ and ShareASale the UI is user-friendly and easy to use.

The impact has a lot of brands like 

  • OnePlus
  • NordVPN
  • Adidas
  • etc..

You need to apply to the brand that you want to join in the dashboard of Impact.

Cookie:- Depends on the brand you signup for.

Minimum Payout:- I don’t Know I recently join that network my profile is still under verification. (i will update went I know.)

6. In courses Affiliate

A lot of people join the courses to learn new skills like digital marketing, coding, blogging, AI, web, etc… 

Most of the people join those courses in the udmey, skillshare, and more but they don’t complete those courses. (Those Platforms also have their own affiliate programs). 

So, the course creator builds their personal brand and promotes their course. Then they create separate groups for the people who enrolled in their courses and help them to achieve their goals. 

Personal Brand is not only for course creators on the other hand content creator, CEO, etc… 

Those personal brand creates the affiliate to their courses and asks people to promote their courses. You can only join that affiliate by becoming a member or else you can not promote that course. 

Example for this InternetLifeStyle HUB by he helps people to create their own courses and tribe with the Freedom Business model. 

You check his free Course of Digital Coaching BluePrint.


These are the top affiliate networks or platforms that I joined and used to make money.

There are a lot more affiliate networks, platforms, and programs in the market however we can’t join all of those platforms right, therefore, I pick those networks and started my journey. 

However, you can join the networks that you like there is no rule on that. I hope this article helps full for you to know about affiliate networks.

In upcoming articles, I am going to write about the stargates I use to promote affiliate products as per my experience.

So, to get to know my stargates Signup to the Newsletter of the blog.

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